everybody leaves, if they get the chance
I’m Rachel and I'm 17. My interests usually orbit the realms of fantasy, science fiction and history. I enjoy wasting time writing miserable songs and wishing I was Lights Poxleitner. ~ I hope to explore the world, play music and inspire. Online Users

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i wana do tha sex

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Yoko Furusho
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i want to lay naked in the grass on a day where the sky is still light but rain is gently falling over the land. I want to eat pineapple and mango and peaches and feel the warm rain droplets hitting my skin, taste the sweetness on my lips and smile. I want to gaze into your eyes, into…

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Anonymous: what do you want to be when you are older? :) x

I want to be happy.

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Anonymous: what hair dye do you use? your hair is gorgeous! :) xx

I get it dyed at a hair dressers, I asked for an ashy blonde/white colour but it’s gone rather yellow from being in a swimming pool this week :( thankyou though! I appreciate it a lot, I’m a lot happier with myself with my hair this colour xxxx

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