everybody leaves, if they get the chance
I’m Rachel and I'm 18. My interests usually orbit the realms of fantasy, science fiction and history. I enjoy wasting time writing miserable songs and wishing I was Lights Poxleitner. ~ I hope to explore the world, play music and inspire. Online Users

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pretty sick of my parents being miserable and treating me like i’m such an utter disappointment to them, they’ve told me how much of a let down i am about 3 times today and i’m pretty sure all they do is look at me like i’m a deformed animal

even my parents find me boring, disappointing and ugly

i hope that one day someone will treat me like their whole world, because i want nothing more than to have someone who will mean everything to me. i feel very alone

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  1. a--little--rain--must--fall said: I know this feeling love, hang in there- there’s a much better world out there
  2. samskrit said: i know how you feel man
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